Bitcoin Wallet

Help grow the digital currency with Daily Fantasy Sports and earn free bitcoin!

coinbase to draftmatch

Using digital currency is more fun competing with friends in Daily Fantasy Sports!  Using the button below, once you buy or sell $100 of digital currency or more, you will receive $10 of free bitcoin.  DraftMatch only uses Coinbase wallets to help maintain protection and security with their users.



How to Deposit Funds with Coinbase

Welcome to DraftMatch!  In order to play paid contests, you will need to deposit funds into the application.

To begin, please go to the Add Funds page within the application.

Either use a default set amount or type in a custom amount in the deposit field.

You must enable locations to deposit funds into DraftMatch as certain states have not legalized Daily Fantasy Sports.  Once a deposit amount is set and your location is confirmed, the bitcoin button will be enabled.

Push the bitcoin button to begin the transaction.

Please note, you must have a coinbase account in order to deposit funds.  The email used to create your DraftMatch account must also be the same email as your coinbase account.

Once the transaction is initated, you will receive an email from DraftMatch and coinbase regarding the pending request.  Either use the link from the coinbase email or log in to your coinbase account.

Using the email link or logging directly into your coinbase account, you will find the pending request.

Double check the payment amount is correct and click “Complete Payment For X BTC” on the bottom left.”

For security purposes, a 2 step verification pop up will appear.

Coinbase does not automatically send the code via SMS, please click on “Re-send SMS.”  Enter the verification code and click on the verify button.  The transaction is officially complete.  The deposit will be processed within 2-3 minutes and your funds will show up in the application under the account balance.

Congratulations, you’re officially ready to play DraftMatch!  Again, if you do not have a coinbase account, please use the following button.  If you buy $100 in bitcoins using the account, you will receive $10 in bitcoins free.